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About Us

Dog Training is a website that strives to help dog trainers both new and old. We provide a variety of information and high-quality products sourced from Leerburg, the biggest website out there on dog training with over 16,000 pages, over 470 videos, and over 2600 Q&A.

While there are many different methods to dog training, there can only be a few viable options that really work. Professional dog trainer, Ed Frawley, has been training dogs for over 50 years. He has written many articles pertaining to dog training and you can also find them on this website as well. Dog training is more than just correcting your dog. It is about creating a strong bond with your dog.

About Ed Frawley
Ed Frawley and his 3 house dogs.

Ed Frawley trains dogs and has been doing so for 45 years. His experience in dog training and the advice he has to offer is useful to dog owners out there. His website, Leerburg, has over 2,600 Q&A's of dog-related questions, 16,000 webpages, and 470 videos plus more. Before venturing out to find advice, Ed Frawley has these words of wisdom:

"You are always going to be exposed to people who offer advice on how to train your dog or fix your dog's behavioral issues. The problem is that most of these people don't have the experience to offer sound advice. This results in a lot of bad dog training information being passed out."

It's common sense. Who would you rather take advice from? (A) From a person who has trained hundreds of dogs for over 45 years with a passion or (B) from a person who has owned a dog a year or two casually? The answer is pretty obvious here. It's rare to find someone with so much experience to have time to give information and advice on dog training.

Ed Frawley grew up with dogs in the family. At 16, Ed Frawley started to take training very seriously. In the 1970's, Ed Frawley started Leerburg Video & Kennel. Ed Frawley started to produce dog training videos as well as held a German Shepherd breeding facility.

Ed Frawley's dogs worked in law enforcement, S&R, Personal Protection, and in Schutzhund. Ed Frawley has trained some of these dogs.

Since 1978, Ed Frawley has been breeding German Shepherds. Over time, Ed Frawley produced over 350 litters of German bloodline German Shepherds.

As the owner of Leerburg, Ed Frawley wishes to provide the best products available for his customers.

At Leerburg, there are over 120 DVDs produced by Ed Frawley. The website has over 16,000 printed pages.