3/4-inch Wide Leather Leash

3/4″ Wide Leather Leashes

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3/4-inch Wide Leather Leashes


Our Leerburg dog training leashes are the finest leather dog leashes that money can buy. This leashes come in 4 feet, 6 feet, and 10 feet long by 3/4 inch wide.

Our dog leashes aremade from soft Latigo leather. You will never find a leash of this quality in any pet store or dog food warehouse.

The snaps on our leather dog leashes and collars are made from the highest quality Italian bronze. These snaps are generally sewn and then pop riveted to insure the highest security available. This is very important in Schutzhund and police protection training where a broken leash can cause disaster.

You can buy a cheaper leash at any store in your town, but you will NEVER buy a better quality leash anywhere.

*Our Amish leather products are made with American-made leather that is stained using natural oils and dyes. There is a possibility that some color may transfer on some of these leather products. We recommend that you use discretion when using this product with lighter colored clothing.